Month: February 2015

Happy Birthday film scene


Int. Hallway.
Voice off:        Emma!
Emma:            (appears down stairs)
(turns, walks towards and into kitchen).
What’s up?
Moira:             Sit down there and let’s sort out about your birthday.
(E sits.)
Now where’s my chequebook?
(Reaches for chequebook and sits besides her at table.)
Normally we’d just do this electronically but this way it feels more like we’re giving you something. Now, how much do you think it’ll cost?
Emma:            Well, last time it was about … £20
Moira:             Don’t be ridiculous. My last one was £40.
Emma:            But I’m only having half a head.
Moira:             Let’s say £35.
Emma:            No, no that’s too much.
Moira:             Don’t be daft. It’s your birthday, girl.
Emma:            Aaaaw.
Moira:             There now, with a little extra for a treat.
Emma:            No, oh, stop, oh mum.
Moira:             There, done. Hug!
(They stand and hug.)
Emma:            Oh, thanks, Mum.
Moira:             Happy birthday! Now go and put it somewhere you won’t lose it.
Emma:            OK (Exits via door.)




Happy birthday stybd 1

happy birthday stybd 2

You can view the final scene here: